How we are protecting you and your family during COVID-19
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To Our Valued Clientele:

The health and safety of our passengers, partners and employees is our top priority. As questions and concerns arise as a result of COVID-19 (commonly referred to as Coronavirus), our company has taken a number of precautionary measures to provide the highest level of protection for our customers and staff.

A thorough cleaning of vehicle interior surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant spray or wipes is conducted before and after each ride, and all company working areas are cleaned and disinfected daily. Furthermore, we have instructed all employees to seek medical attention immediately if they feel unwell, and we do not allow sick employees to report for work under any circumstances. All chauffeurs and staff complete a daily health screening, consisting of a temperature check, series of health questions to check for possible symptoms and exposures.

Chauffeurs and staff will wear a mask at all times and we will have a mask available for you if you do not have your own. All vehicles are stocked with hand sanitizer for your use. Chauffeurs will handle your luggage, if given permission to, with clean gloves at all times.

You may notice some changes to your regular service as a result of these precautions, such as the removal of all printed and reading materials from the seat-back pockets and the removal of water or beverage offerings that are not individually packaged or sealed, unless requested, and the limiting of all physical material sharing between passengers and drivers wherever possible.

We appreciate your understanding and are dedicated to continuing to provide you with the highest level of service that you have come to expect. We wish you the best of health and look forward to serving you!


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